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New 约拉 Online Store mg游戏平台下载: Start selling online for free

If there is one thing the world has learned in 2020, it is that every business needs to have the means to sell products and services online. Whether you’re a restaurant pivoting to curbside pick-up or a gym offering online classes, being able to transact online is imperative to stay afloat. 

With a mission to give every business the resources to get online and succeed, the 约拉 team saw the need to expand our Online Store packages to empower customers of every budget. 今天, we’re excited to announce our new Online Store packages, allowing you to start selling online—free.

Get started now!

New packages and features

In addition to offering a new, Online Store package for free, our new packages are broken into four tiers, with a wealth of new features:

  • Abandoned cart emails: Set up automatic emails to remind customers about items they left in their cart without purchasing – one of the best ways to convert sales
  • Automated email marketing: Send automated emails triggered by customers’ actions, including favorite item reminders, feedback requests, and re-engagement emails
  • Product filters: Let customers easily navigate your store by adding filters for price, 类别, and product options (size, color, 材料, availability, 销售, 等.)
  • Automatic tax calculations: Automatically calculate up-to-date standard tax rates (for merchants in the US, EU, 加拿大, 澳大利亚, and New Zealand)
  • Sell on Amazon: A streamlined, native integration with Amazon lets you reach shoppers on the world’s largest marketplace (US merchants only)
  • Sell on Instagram: Add shoppable product tags to your Instagram posts and let users view and order products right from their Instagram account
  • 脸谱网 Messenger integration: Add a Messenger chat button to your store to stay in touch with customers, communicate more efficiently, and remind shoppers of special offers
  • Point of sale: Integrate your online store and POS system to simultaneously sell online and offline with automatic product and inventory sync
  • Edit invoices: Customize the design and content of your invoice template with things like company and order details
  • Order management: Manually create orders for offline sales and manage existing orders in your control panel: update order status, review order details, filter orders, update order and customer information, add tracking info, 等.
  • SEO fields for products: Create product titles and meta descriptions for search engines

Want to learn more? Check out our pricing page to get to know our new packages, features, and get started.

Happy building! 

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